India Fest will showcase and promote
awareness and appreciation of vibrant art,
culture, music, cuisine, and heritage of India
among people of greater Memphis. It will
help foster multi-culture interaction and
education and provide a greater
understanding and appreciation of the
diversity of India culture. Our core theme
for showcase this year is "India’s
contribution to Civilization"

IAM and India Fest awarded the ABC (Arts Build Communities) Grant for 2012!!

India Association of Memphis (IAM) and Team India Fest are very excited to share that IAM has been awarded, for the very first time, an ABC (Arts Build Communities) grant for the year 2012.

This is what the TN Arts Commission said about IAM:

"Congratulations! We appreciate your efforts to bring quality arts projects to your community. It is so very important and valuable to building a vibrant cultural community."

This award strengthens our belief: inter-cultural dialogue is more essential than ever in a world where people are becoming more and more closely interconnected.

Every year efforts to build alliances with local organizations and institutions (libraries, schools, museums) and businesses are being made to not only inform and educate the public but also help build active coalitions with all of them. India Fest is open for public. Special efforts are continuously being made to bring the varied and exotic cultural and art forms from this far eastern country. The growing popularity of this festival is a testament of its founding principles and with each successful year, India is no longer far away.

Special attention is paid to K-12 students giving them ample opportunities to experience and experiment. One of the fundamental goals is to foster a closer association amongst the Memphis community we live in. In this light the festival also partners with local businesses and organizations/institutions fostering various community alliances – libraries,  schools, museums etc.  A variety of events are planned during the entire month (October) preceding the festival.

- IAM Committee & IF Team. 



India Fest showcases and promotes awareness and appreciation of the vibrant art, culture, music, cuisine, and heritage of India among people of greater Memphis. It helps foster multi-cultural interaction and education and provides a greater understanding and appreciation for the diversity of India’s culture. About_IF1 India Fest and the Memphis community. About_IF2 Friends of India Fest.