India Fest 2017 Guidelines

There are significant changes to the guidelines since previous years. They have been made to encourage maximum participation and bring quality performance to the India Fest Stage.

Entries are open to all forms of cultural performances such as Dance, Dance-Drama, Skits, Singing, Instrumental, etc. and can be sent to

Sections Navrang Rangoli
Slot * 12-1.30pm 1.30-3.30pm
Min number of participants 8 6
Age group ** 6-10 yrs 11 yrs and above
Time allotted per team 3 Mins 5 Mins

*The allotted time is subject to change per schedule on the day of the fest. Please plan to be available during the entire time of the allocated slot.

** 75% of the participants should belong to one age group to perform in a section.

Example: If a team wants to perform in Rangoli and has 12 participants, then at least 9 participants should be 11 yrs. of age and above, else they will be allocated Navrang section.

1. Last date for sending entries is Sep 17, 2017. Team entries will be accepted only when minimum no of required participant’s names are provided.

2. Participation is limited to 1 performance per person across all categories.

3. In case the number of entries exceeds the allocated time slots, selection decision will be made as per the audition videos by the India Fest Cultural Committee.

4. Auditions for Navrang and Rangoli sections will be in the form of pre-recorded videos. Audition videos can be sent to IF Cultural by Oct 8, 2017 .It must be at least 2 minutes in length and of good resolution.

5. Audio tracks in MP3/MP4 format must be submitted by Oct 8, 2017. Tracks longer than the time limit of the respective section, will not be accepted.

6. The choice of song is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Songs may be repeated between TWO groups. The THIRD group requesting for the same song will need to select an alternative.

7. More than 3 songs in a medley cannot be reserved per group.

8. Certificates will be rewarded to all participants.

9. There is NO participation fees this year. The Cultural team will not be providing India Fest 2017 tickets to participants. Participants interested in attending India Fest 2017 will need to purchase their own tickets.